Medical Marijuana Overview

Cal. Health and Safety Code Sections 11362.5-83

Law applies to physicians, patients and caregivers

Quantity Allowed:
8 ounces or less dried or 6 or less mature or 12 or less immature plants

How Obtained:
Growing permitted – otherwise not specified

Liability Protections: Physicians: protected from criminal prosecution when recommending marijuana for medical use

Patients and Caregivers: protected from arrest for possession, transportation, delivery, or cultivation if patient or caregiver has a valid I.D. (Note: I.D. card is voluntary).

Statutory Requirements For Authorized Use:
No Registry Card required. I.D. Cards issued by State Department of Health. I.D. cards are voluntary and must be renewed annually.  New information must be verified by County Health Department
Efforts to improve California Medical Marijuana laws thwarted in 2011.

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